German Civil War
DateJanuary 2nd (Tuesday) 1940-February 3rd (Tuesday) 1942
LocationGermany, Britain, United States
ResultGerman Victory, United Nations Formed, Beginning of World War One
  • Flag of the German EmpireGermany
  • US flag with 60 stars by Hellerick United States of America
  • Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) United Kingdom
"Proper Germans":

550,476 men,
2,000 tanks,
3,456 aircraft

Germany and Allies:
1,234,000 men,
6,789 tanks,
4,420 aircraft
Military casualties:
212,867 killed,

772,690 wounded
34 missing

Start of a Battle


In 1938 Adolf Hitler and Begrin A. Randolphene both ran for Head Counselor of Germany. Both were counselors already in the seat but the head office is what they wanted. By a close vote, Begrin A. Randolphene was elected at head of the council and executive of Germany.

War in the Council

Soon Nancy Furti, the first woman in council along with Randolphene impeached Adolf along with several other First Degree Counselors of Germany (For First, Second, and Third Degrees see German Politics (1234)). Although the impeachment was lifted he became very angry. His steam building up...


In Christmas 1938 Adolf "surprised" the council by purposing a document stating that Germany would give more power to Adolf and taking the place of Nancy Furti as assistant head counselor. All the counselor signed except three (which people have decided were Nancy Furti, Begrin A. Randolphene, and Furtindoug Sapp, although unofficial). Adolf officially renamed the title Assistant-Head Counselor, Nazi.

The War is On

Again in early 1939, Adolf officially took ten powers from the New Head Counselor Furtundoug Sapp (who had beaten both Adolf and Begrin). Although he resigned a month later he then set up an election. Begrin and Nancy versus Adolf and Huterbottom Yak. The answer was a tie and neither had won therefore, the second and third council would vote for whom. All of the second council voted for Begrin and all but, one in the third council voted for Adolf. With much debating one counselor changed his mind and went with Begrin, furious the Nazi Seat Holder resigned and called the council sick and began to raise an army.

First Gun Shot

"Nazi" became a powerful word. Although Nancy now held the position Nazi, Hitler still called himself that. Adolf Hitler and many leaders of "Proper German" himself got a gun aimed at the Council Building and fired through the window eleven times, Nancy Furti, Furtindoug Sapp, and Huterbottom Yak were hurt and no one was killed, much to peoples surprise.

Germany Calls On America

"America was "doing swinging dinging" most folks said." said the New York Times but, Americans were needed at Germany to stop Nazi Hitler (as he renamed himself) General Bradley Rhicie took action with Assistant General Joniza Operef Hunti Yuaunitre Rozza Ross Gurtine (or "Jon Gurtine" as he was nicked named) who was from Germany himself. The Assistant General picked out Junior Admirals Paharam Ghaufiour and Andrew McCloud as Lieutenants. Assistant Senior Admirals Shelly French and Jenna Ofbag were later appointed as Lieutenants. Maddi Enle was appointed Assistant Lieutenants to Jenna Ofbag. Ryan Smith, Spencer Adkins and Timmy Hamli were appointed Lieutenants at the last minute, so was Hannah Costerly who was appointed Assistant Lieutenants to Timmy Hamlin.

Love on the Battlefield

At the beginning of the war, in 1940 Timmy Hamlin and Hannah Costerly were married in Luxemburg, France. Shelly France had a sexual relationship with Andrew McCloud. Maddi Enle had three "nights out" with Bradley Rhicie. Jenna Ofbag dated Ryan Smith and Spencer Adkins at different times but later had a sexual experience with Bradley Rhicie. Bradley and Paharam found two women in Germany they one day had babies (one had twins)and finally Maddi Enle found out she was cousins with Jon Girtine. This all happened in February 1940 to March 1941.

Lieutenant Shelly French's Surrender

The Germans put much trust in Shelly French. Although in June 1941, she and her troops surrendered and joined the Nazi Cause. At the time she was unable to battle because she was pregnant (only partly - she wasn't fully developed). Italy decided to support Adolf Hitler and Shelly French and their world domination plan. Now, more Germans were surrendering and Americans were too. It was the end of the beginning...

Italy Joins the War

At the time The map of Europe looked like this:

 German War

And about the time Italy joined the war the United Kingdom had entered on the side of the German-Amercian Cause (Later the AGUC (ag-uck) for America, Germany, United Kingdom, even later known as the United Nations). Although Adolf had bigger plans, plans to start the largest war ever, World War One. Italy and Germany surrendered the war, "Aza Domia and Adolf Hitler stretches the war outside of Germany" the New York Times said. Adolf and Aza started attacking in Great Britain and in Africa. The few troops left in Germany for the "Proper German Cause" lost and Germany became independent except two areas were the Nazi lives and were the French Empire took over "while Germany wasn't looking" said french leaders.

Aftermath and the American Leaders' "Break"

Basically fighting ceased in Germany, Nazi leaders fled to Italy and the Soviet Union joined the war and urged Japan to help. Although Japan stayed neutral. Shelly French and Adolf Hitler were married and Shelly Hitler's son was sent off to America "for better life" Lieutenant Andrew McCloud went back to America looking for his possible half-son. General Bradley Richie ordered the Lieutenants and Assistants to go home and wait for the future. Assistant General "Jon" took over as Temporary General and appointed Ryan Smith back to be his assistant but, Ryan had to leave after a while and Spencer Adkins replaced him until the rest of the "crew" came back.