Iron Cross of the Wehrmacht
Founded 1933
Current form Active
Service branches War Ensign of Germany (1938-1945) Heer (ground forces)

800px-Reichsdienstflagge 1935 svg Kriegsmarine (naval forces)
781px-Ordnungspolizei flag svg Luftwaffe (air force)

Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Air arm flying hours Constant
Commander-in-Chief Joachim Gauck
Minister of Defense Friedrich Göring
Chief of staff Friedrich Göring
Military age 17 – 45
Conscription 18 months
Available for
military service
39,829,000, age 17 – 45
Fit for
military service
22,673,000, age 17 – 45
Active personnel 1,247,295 (ranked 2nd)
Reserve personnel 3,000,000
Deployed personnel 147,000
Budget $289.1 billion
Percent of GDP 17.3%
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The German Armed Forces (officially the Wehrmacht) are the federal military forces of Germany, and have been since the formation of Nazi Germany in 1933. The Wehrmacht, or defense force, replaced the Kampftruppe, or fighting force (the military of the German Republic and German Empire), in 1933 when Adolf Hitler created the Nazi Reich and updated the German military. The Wehrmacht is, and always has been, one of the most sophisticated military forces in the world, anit has never lost a war, chiefly due to inovative tactics and advanced technology.

It is composed of three branches: the Heer, the Kriegsmarine, and the Luftwaffe. Its purpose is to further the Nazi ideal, defend the people of Germany, and fight for the German government. The Wehrmacht answers directly to the Chancellor, who is also the commander in chief.

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