German-Polish Commonwealth
(Deutsch-Polnisch Commonwealth)
(Niemiecko-Polski Commonwealth)
GP Coat of Arms of a Vichy France Monarchy
Flag Coat of Arms
Commonwealth of Central Europe
Location of the German-Polish Commonwealth

Einheitliche unter einem
Unified pod jednym (German

Anthem "Wir sind noch nicht verloren"
Capital Łódź
Largest city Berlin
Other cities Warsaw, Bonn
Language German
Religion Catholicism
Demonym German-Polish
Population 87,008,759 
Established March 18th 1916
Currency Euro
Time Zone CET
  summer DST
Calling Code 48 or 49
Internet TLD .eu

Mosscow, during the Burning of the Balkins.

The German-Polish Commonwealth, (Deutsch-Polnisch Commonwealth) (Niemiecko-Polski Commonwealth) formerly known as Germany-Poland, (Deutschland-Polen) (Niemcy-Polaska) is a very secure and built-up country. Because of the alliance it has with the Canadian Kingdom, the country is very hard to take on. With a very rich history, it's no wonder why eight million tourists go to Germany-Poland every year.


The Commonwealth traces back to World War One. In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot by a Serbian man, causing a huge outbreak of war. Germany marched on Russia but found them stronger than expected. France, Britain, and Canada also pushed. With many fronts and the many dead, there many protests to make the German government switch sides. Things got so bad that once Britain, France and Canada captured Munich, all of Germany just collapsed and sneek attacked Austria-Hungary. Austria is so shocked to find the betrayal of their ally that they destroyed any German thing on sight. Meanwhile, Russia pushed right into Germany. Britain said that Germany switched but Russia didn't believe them so Germany, France, Britain, and Canada combined their armies and made a massive push into the Balkans. This would be known as the Burning of the Balkans, because most of the Balkans were on the Central Powers' side. Greece, Romania and, Italy were not. Russia somehow stole German U-Boats and made them Russian-Boats. Firing at Californian ships, California declared war on Russia. The Canadians also had American fighters, so troops kept arriving in such great numbers that Russia couldn't hold it. Communists also weakened Russia, convincing them to surrender but they said no. Finally, Istanbul and Sofia surrendered and got burned to the ground. All of the Balkans were under allied control now. Italy surprise-attacked Austria-Hungary, trying to take non-German propaganda. Austria-Hungary surrendered after that. As the troops pulled in and captured Moscow, Communists made an ultimate explosion in Moscow, burning it, thus calling for a surrender. The Russians didn't officially sign until November 11th, 1918, when they surrendered. Poland saw its last chance to break free, so they did. A treaty declared Poland free, and more. Germany and Poland decided to morph together, causing a big country with large things. Also, Russia turned into the Soviet Union, which became evil and made a wrong turn. They were still mad at the Allies, which burned one-fourth of Russia and most of the Balkans. Peace has come, but not for long.

Great Depression

After World War One, many European countries were left in debt. The Canadian Kingdom was the only one grown for this, as it annexed Britain and German-African states after Germany-Poland let them. Also, to make things worse, in 1929, the Great Depression stuck over many countries after there was a large crash. (Wall Street Crash). Money went worthless. Germany-Poland went through a large crash, with protesters ravaging the streets. In The Canadian Kingdom, food was hard to find because of a blizzard covering most of Canada. France had a massacre of protests, as well with the army. Things didn't go as good as they were.

The Birth of A Commonwealth

During 1933, the protesters overthrew the government and brought in a new kaiser since the republic. Germany-Poland ratified a constitution, and gave birth to the new, German-Polish Commonwealth. The new kaiser, King Frederick brought no taxes and was able to last the depression.

World War Two

During 1939, the People of New Delhi grew tired of Canadian rule and were able to conquer the city. New Delhi allied themselves with Siam and Indonesia, then on September 1st, they attacked Canadian held India. New Delhi, and their allies were able to take half of India until Germany-Poland came to action. Germany invaded Indonesia from Canadian-held Australia and were able to take some credit from island fighting, not when Indonesia were able to drive them out. Siam soon built the AK-Machine Gun, that was able to knock Canadian troops out of French-Indochina. At the same time, Norway was invaded by Madagascar and South Africa, who secretly joined their allies group. Canadian troops invaded Norway, but Norway found Canadians so helpful they joined and got annexed by Canada. Canada and Germany, made the Dark-Light Cross gun, which rapid fires and shoots out 360 in a minute. The DLC gun were able to win Indonesia and Siam. New Delhi, got troubled as well. D-Day landings were from Australia across to Indonesia to make them surrender. At the same time, many conflicts ended across the world, too. The Axis surrendered. New Delhi, Siam, Indonesia and their helpers were all annexed back into Canada. Canada and Germany-Poland were getting so much fame!

Cold War

The Soviet Union wanted vengeance after World War One, so they got many anti-ballistic missiles, and pointed them at Canada. Germany-Poland, wanted to help, so they quickly readied their Titan-Ballistic missile stockpile to aim at the Soviet Union. Cuba, invaded Canada so everyone lunched their missiles. 18 Canadian missiles hit all over Russia, causing a meltdown for Moscow. New Vancouver, also got destroyed. Germany-Poland used theirs to kill the missiles heading for them. We all built out, but they still lived in paranoid of each other. Eventually, everything cooled down.


Today, Germany-Poland is a well country with a big economy. It is currently in the Canadian Take-Over War, in Korea and Venusvela. Also, eight million tourists visit the Commonwealth each year. Under Fredreicks IV, the German-Polish Commonwealth is sure going to go out far!

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