Gerardo Barrios
Gerardo Barrios.jpg
Lieutenant-Governor of El Salvador
In office
1866 – Present
Preceded by Created
Personal details
Born September 24, 1813
San Juan Lempa , El Salvador
Political party Liberal Party
Occupation General, Politician
Religion Catholic

Gerardo Barrios (September 24, 1813) was President of El Salvador, from 12 March 1859 to 8 April 1866; until the formation of the United Confederation of Central America in which he became the first Lieutenant-Governor of El Salvador. Barrios is a liberal and supports the unity of Central America.

Early Life

He was, from a young age, part of the army of the last president of Federation of Central American Estates, Francisco Morazan. After his death he became the leader or the unionist movement. He served as president of El Salvador several times - in 1858, from 1859 to 1860 and again from 1861.

Leader of El Salvador

He is known for his concern for international relations and is attributed for introducing coffee production to El Salvador, accelerating the spread through Central America. Coffee is now the basis of El Salvador's economy. Since 1860, Barrios has launched a reorganization of the public finances and promoted the coffee production and silk-elaboration related activities. He has also created a professional armed force, and favors non-religious public education.