The Gepid Principalities are clients states and vassals created by the Gepid Republic in foreign regions. The system, created by the Justicar Vidimir Hunigild in 760, was made in order to keep control of foreign region without making the local population feel like their are annexed.

Power and Restrictions of the Principalities

  • The Senate own the power to crown the Prince of a Principality.
  • The Principality must pay taxes to the Republic.
  • The Principality doesn't have it's own army, the troops recruited there are considered part of the Gepid Republic's armies.
  • In peace times, the army stationed in the Principality is under the commandment of the Prince. However, order that goes against the Republic's policies can be ignored by the officers.
  • In war times, the troops in the Principalities must obey the generals sent by the Gepid Republic, and the Prince does not have any autority on them.
  • The Principality can only make trade with the Gepid Republic, other Gepid Principalities and allies of the Gepid Republic.
  • The Prince has the right to apply justice in his Principality in the name of the Republic.
  • The Prince is considered to be representing the Senate in the region, and must be respected as so.
  • The Prince can make his own policies, as long as they don't go against the policies of the Senate.
  • The Principality is free to keep its own religion, but the Prince must always protect the members of the Gepid church.


Gepid Benevento-0

Benevento in 765

Principality of Benevento

  • Founding: 760
  • Location: Italy, Europe
  • Ethnic Groups: Italians, Goths
  • Religions: Nicene Christians, Arian Christians

The first Gepid Principality, it was founded in 760 after they were forced to keep the region following the failure of the Christian Meeting of Buteridava.

The first Prince was Leonardo di Fillipis, an ardent supporter of the Gepid Republic and an influential nobleman in the region. The creation of the Principality was a first move of expansion from the Gepid Republic since its creation.

Gepid Benevento

Flag of the Principality of Benevento

The Principality of Benevento was always charged of another task specific to it, which was to keep the Gepid influence over the Papal States.

Princes of Benevento

Prince House Lifespan Reign
Leonardo I Di Fillipis 730-779 760-779
Leonardo II Di Fillipis 751- 779-
Gepid Abkhazaria

Abkhazaria in 782

Principality of Abkhazaria

  • Founding: 782
  • Location: Caucasus, Asia
  • Ethnic Groups: Khazars, Arabians
  • Religions: Nicene Christians, Sunni Muslims

The second Principality of the Gepid Republic, it was formed after the Gepid Expedition in Caucasus, which saw the Gepid Republic gain lands in the region. It was formed as one of the first decisions of the Consul Goderic Hunigild, who was elected in 782 as interim Consul after the death of Amaric Valomer.

Gepid Caucasus

Flag of the Principality of Abkhazaria

In order to assure the dominance of Christianity in the region, the Gepid Senate chose a Khazar to be Prince, in opposition to the Arabian population, who was mostly Muslims.

Prince of Abkhazaria

Prince House Lifespan Reign
Barjik I Arjikid 747- 782-

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