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The Georgian Dollar is the currency of the State of Georgia. It is divided into 100 pence. Historically, it was divided into 5 shillings, and each shilling into 12 pence, and each penny into 4 farthings (thus 1 dollar = 5 shillings = 60 pence = 240 farthings). Decimalization was very easy for Georgia, as by that time, inflation had made the threepence the smallest coin, and 3 old pence equalled exactly 5 new pence.

Coins in current circulation

  • 5 pence
  • 10 pence
  • 20 pence ("shilling")
  • 50 pence
  • 1 dollar
  • 2 dollar
  • 5 dollar

Banknotes in current circulation

  • 10 dollar
  • 20 dollar
  • 50 dollar
  • 100 dollar
  • 200 dollar
  • 500 dollar

In the Spanish-speaking parts of Georgia, the terms peso and penique are used instead (before decimalization, quinto was used for shilling). All currency is bilingual.

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