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Georgian-Adjarian conflict

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2019 Georgian-Adjarian conflict


Georgian Tanks Pushing into Adjara

Date 20 July 2019– 7 October 2019
Location Adjara
  • Adjarian Victory
  • Recognition of Adjara as an independent nation


  • Georgia loses control over Adjara region
  • New nation of Adjara

30px Adjara

30px Georgia

The Beggining

The government in Tbilisi is overthrown by a war criminal Nodar Regvenashvili on July 17 2019. Later he declares himself as a Dictator of Georgia, Angered adjarians Declare independence, starting a conflict.

Russian Intervention

on October 4 2019, Georgia joins Eurasian Union, In exchanged Russia had to help Georgia out. Russia begins sending Spetsnaz divisions to Georgia, and declares war on Adjara on October 6 2019.

Afraid of Complete Annexion, Adjarian Authorities request UN help, NATO then forces Georgia to Sign Peace Treaty with Adjara. On October 7 war ends, UN occupies border between Adjara and Georgia.

Soon Georgia Breaks Ups

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