Georges Henri Gusteau Predeval (April 1, 1910 - December 20, 1992) was a French politician and diplomat, best known for serving as the Minister of the State from 1966 until 1968 and as the President of the General Assembly prior to his appointment as Deputy State Minister in 1966. He succeeded Francois Ramon, who had only served for 50 days prior to his assassination. Predeval despised the bureaucracy and was an uncommon liberal overseeing a right-wing Cabinet, and was frustrated that he wasn't allowed to select his own advisors and members of his administration. In October of 1968, Predeval tendered his resignation, and despite Sebastien encouraging him to remain until Shroud Day, he declined. The difficulties of both Predeval and his successor, Valery d'Estaing, led in 1975 to what was called the "Predeval Act," named in his honor, which gave much broader powers to the State Minister in appointing aides and secretaries within the Ministry, powers which eventually spread throughout the bureaucracy.

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