George Boulanger

General Georges Ernest Jean Marie Boulanger (April 29, 1937 – June 21, 1905) was a French military man and politician who shaped the face of French politics between the 1880s and his death. He was known as the first Premier of the French State, after popular uprisings fuelled by people's support for his revolutionary new ideology, Boulangisme, an ideology of the far right supporting mass action of the people in several key issues. With strong base in the working class suburbs of Paris, Boulanger supported aggressive nationalism against Germany and the United Kingdom, through the chief tenets of his ideology, des troix R's; Revanche (revenge against the German Empire), Revision (of the French constitution) and Réstoration (of the French monarchy).

Boulanger rose to power in 1896, after the collapse of the French Third Republic because of right-wing opposition. Establishing l'État Français, the French State, Boulanger ruled over it throughout his life until his natural death in 1905.

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