George W. Adams

George Adams
Portrait of George W. Adams

11th President of the United States
October 3, 1851-March 4, 1861

Predecessor Zachary Taylor
Successor Stephen Douglas

Vice President of the United States
March 4, 1849-October 3, 1851

Predecessor Lewis Cass
Successor Robert H. Cleary

U.S. Senator from Massachusetts

Successor John Hughes
Born April 12, 1801
Died June 20, 1887
Spouse Elizabeth Davis Adams
Political Party National
Profession Lawyer
George Washington Adams (Aprill 12, 1801 - June 20, 1887) was the 11th President of the United States of America, a prominent Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Adams political dynasty - he was the eldest son of failed Presidential candidate and US Senator and Representative John Quincy Adams, the grandson of the 2nd President, John Adams, and the elder brother of Governor of Massachusetts and failed 1860 Presidential candidate Charles Francis Adams, who served as his Secretary of State, as well as the elder brother of Connecticut Senator John Quincy Adams II.

George W. Adams is rated extremely high in most presidential polls due to his expansion of industry during the 1850's and his skillful handling of the slavery crisis despite his personal opposition to slavery. Adams believed that the integrity of the Union was more important than the disagreements of its individuals and is often known as the "Great Conciliator," and is regarded as the spiritual and political successor to Henry Clay, known as the "Great Compromiser." Adams also helped push federal regulation in the settlement of the West, was the first President with a liberal attitude toward Native Americans, and sought a closer relationship with foreign powers in the vein of his father, regarded as one of the country's greatest diplomats. He also served the second-longest of any president, after Henry Clay.