George Washington
Timeline: Think Before You Enact

Portrait of George Washington

2nd Prime Minister
April 30, 1789 - March 4, 1797

Deputy John Graves Simcoe
Born February 22, 1732
ThirteenColoniesFlag Westmoreland, Virginia, British America
Died December 14, 1813
Flag of the United States Mount Vernon, Virginia, United States
Profession Soldier, Politician
George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732. During his childhood, Washington spent most of his time at Ferry Farm in Stafford County near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

From 1752 to 1758, Washington served as the commander of the Virginia Militia during the French and Indian War. Following the French and Indian War, When the Anglo-Cherokee War ignited in 1767, Washington led American forces against the Cherokee, and assisted in physically and mentally destroyed the tribe in an few days after being deployed to the frontier of Virginia.

Following the Anglo-Cherokee War, George Washington was unanimously elected as the Prime Minister of the United States. During his premiership, George Washington guided the nation through the First Global War and the aftermath. Washington died on December 14, 1813, and is consider by scholars and the public as one of the top ranked prime ministers in the United States.

Following his death in 1813, then Prime Minister John Adams approved an bill proposed by Congress that allowed for the construction of the Washington Monument in Philadelphia. The Washington Monument was constructed entirely out of bluestone, marble, and granite and is currently the tallest obliesk in the world at the current height of 555 feet.