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The Prophet George Washington (1732-1799) was the founder of Washingtism, General of the Continental Army, and the First Father of New Eden from 1783 to 1799.

He is considered to be a Prophet who spoke directly to God from 1774 until his death, and who lead an army to build a nation built upon God's Will.


Early Religious Views

Prior to the Virginia Revelation, Washington was an Anglican

Virginia Revelation

Washington first spoke to God on July 31, 1774. On the Night of the Virginia Revelation, Washington is believed to have been visited by God. In "The First Revelation unto George Washington" (AKA The First Book of Washington) it is claimed that God "Appeared unto him as a brilliant light. He then spoketh with glory, and sayeth that 'I am the Lord, thy god, the god of thy father, the god of my son, the god of thine friends, and the god of thine enemies. You shalt lead these Colonies unto victory against thine opressors, for thine opressors hath forsaken me for sin and excess. I hath chosen you to be the new light.'"

Prophecies during the American Revolution

In The First Journal of George Washington (AKA The Second Book of Washington), Washington writes that "The Lord speaks to me before every battle. He guides me from my enemies and delivers me to victory."

Before theBattle of Bunker Hill, Washington stated that "We shall fight this battle with all of our might. We shall be tested, and we may not succeed. But the Lord will ultimately give us the strength to triumph over our enemies, and that strength may come from the darkness of defeat." The Battle was a pyrrhic victory for the British.

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