George Washington (1732-1799) known as the Father of His Country served as Commanding General of the Continental Army in the American War of Independense and the 1st. President of the United States

Early Life and Military Career

Washington was born and breed in Virginia, and served with distinction in the French and Indian War.

Washington was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1758 and served until 1775.

Washington was chosen to be Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army in 1775, and served until his resignation in 1783.

In 1787, Washington served as president of the Constitutional Convention which wrote America's current Constitution (same as OTL execpt for a three year for the President).

1st Term

Washington was elected unopposed as the first president under the new constitution. Washington presided over a period of peace and growing prosperity during his first term and was very popular

2nd Term

Washington was ready to retire in 1791, but was convinced by both Federalists (who he favored) and Democratic-Republicans that he needed to run again to keep the nation united. Washington along with Vice President John Adams were re-elected unopposed. Washington's second term was much harder than his first because of the War between England and the French Republic. Just before he left office, Washington won the passage on the Jay Treaty which ensured that America would not be drawn into the European war. By 1794 Washington was ready to retire, and despite of calls from Federalists that he seek a third term Washington decided to retire.

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