George Wallace
Timeline: President Wallace

George Wallace 1976
Portrait of George Wallace

37th President of the United States
January 20, 1969 – January 20, 1977

Predecessor Lyndon B. Johnson
Successor Ronald Reagan
Vice President Ronald Reagan (1973-1977)

Happy Chandler (1969-1973)

47th Governor of Alabama
January 15, 1979 - January 19, 1987

Predecessor Fob James
Successor H. Guy Hunt

44th Governor of Alabama
January 19, 1959 - January 16, 1967

Predecessor Jim Folsom
Successor Lurleen Wallace

Attorney General of Alabama
January 17, 1955 – January 19, 1959

Predecessor Bernard Sykes
Successor John Malcolm Patterson

53th Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives
January 13, 1953 - January 17, 1955

Predecessor Roberts H. Brown
Successor Rankin Fite

Member of the Alabama House of Representatives from 87th District
January 13, 1947 - January 17, 1955

Born August 25, 1919
Clio, Alabama, U.S.
Died September 13, 1998
Clio, Alabama, U.S.
Spouse Lurleen Wallace (m. 1943–68); her death

Cornelia Ellis Snively (m. 1971–1998, his death)

Political Party Conservative (1971-1998, his death)

Democratic (1945-1967) American Independent (1967-1971)

Religion Methodism
Profession Lawyer, soldier (ex)
George Corley Wallace, Jr. (August 25, 1919 – September 13, 1998) was American politician who served as the 37th President of the United States, from 1969 to 1977 and the first third party candidate who won a presidential election. Before and after his presidential tenure, he served as 44th and 47th Governor of Alabama, having served two consecutive terms twice and has the third longest gubernatorial tenure in post-Constitutional U.S. history, at 16 years and four days.

Wallace was born in Clio, Alabama. After he graduated from University of Alabama in 1942, he entered a pilot training and became a successful pilot during the Second World War. After the war he became a state representative in the Alabama House of Representatives. In 1953, he became the Speaker and in 1955 Attorney General to fight against crime around the state directly. In 1958, he ran successfully for the Democratic nomination for the governorship against 12 other candidates and wins 45% in the first round and 62% in the run-off and won in a landslide against the Republican nominee William Longshore. In 1962, Wallace is easily re-elected governor winning 73% and 98% of the vote in the primary and general elections respectively. He ran for the Democratic nomination in 1964 but lost to incumbent president Lyndon Johnson. In 1967, after he left the office, he started the building up of the right-wing American Independent Party and by November, the party had achieved ballot status in all fifty states and D.C. next year he ran against the Republican nominee Nelson Rockefeller and Democratic nominee Gene McCarthy for the presidency and won.

During his first term as president, Wallace ended the American involvement in South Eastern Asia by winning the war. His administration proposed a bold set of domestic plans which include paying-off the national debt by 1985, cutting taxes, increased spending on the space program and new types of weapons, and passing a balanced budget amendment through congress after the war and unified the AIP with the GOP to form the Conservative Party.

He was reelected by largest landslide in U.S. history in 1972, when he defeated George McGovern. In his second term, he launched his second set of domestic programs, massive tax cut, federal regulation reform, and started to place a permanent Lunar Station and building the SDI. In a response of an Arab oil embargo, he announced that the U.S. will set a goal of building 250 nuclear power plants by 1985, and spent a lot of money on the researches for fusion power. He left the Office in 1977 and was succeeded by Vice President Ronald Reagan.

After one and a half year of retirement, he announced that he's running again for the governorship and was elected unopposed in 1978 and reelected in 1982. During his second gubernatorial tenure, he continued what he began during his first tenure to modernize the state. He retired in 1987 and was succeeded by his lieutenant H. Guy Hunt.

In retirement, Wallace's work authoring several books and his presidential library was dedicated in 1990. Wallace's son, George Corley Wallace, III., later served as the 49th Governor of Alabama (1995–2000), and 43rd President of the United States (2001–2009), becoming one of only two presidents—the other being John Quincy Adams—to be the son of a former president.