President George Washington Mao
Mao, 1927
Order: 32nd President of the United States
President from: January 20 1937-January 20, 1945
Vice President: Franklin Roosevelt
Preceded by: Herbert C Hoover
Succeeded by: Douglas MacArthur
Born: December 26 1893, Los Angeles, California
Political Party: Democrat
Spouse: none
religion: Methodism

Mao Zedong is remarkable in that he is not only the first Chinese-American President of the United States.

Early life


Senator for California

While California had many anti-Chinese legislation, Mao consulted a federal court saying that such legislation was unconstitutional. The courts ruled in his favour on April 7 1919 and Mao V California was the precedent that started the civil rights movement 35 years earlier.


Safe refuge for Jews

Concerned about the treatment of Jews in Europe, Mao pushes through the immigration act of 1937, which significantly liberalized American policies towards immigrants, thus allowing for the Jews a safe haven in America. Jewish settlers headed for the Dakotas, Idaho and Montana which explained their democrat stance.

Civil Rights

War With Japan

The defining moment of Mao's presidency was the War with Japan.

Agreement with Stalin and Hitler

Mao agreed with Stalin and Hitler that should Russia lose to the Nazis, the Jews would be allowed to move to America as well as many of the Slavic populace at the peace accors in Stockholm. As a result, much of the Holocaust was averted, although Jews were subject to Apartheid by the Nazis.

Cold War with Germany

After the war in Europe.

Post Presidency

Open For Adoption

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