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George Smith Patton, Jr.
November 11, 1885(1885-11-11) – October 23, 1944(1944-10-23) (aged 58)
General Patton (Victory at Gettysburg)
Nickname "Bandito", "Old Blood and Guts", "The Old Man"
Place of birth Manassas, Virginia, C.S.
Place of death Atlanta, Georgia, C.S.
Allegiance Flag of the Confederate States (fascist period) (Victory at Gettysburg) Confederate States of America
Service/branch Confederate States Army
Years of service 1909–1945
Rank Confederate States of America General of the Army Rank (Victory at Gettysburg) General of the Army

George S. Patton was a famous Confederate military officer during World War II and one of the few generals to achieve a 5-star rank in the Confederate States Army. He was known for his aggressive battle tactics and saw to many victories during Operation: Lakewoods in 1941 and 42, which also resulted in his promotion to General of the Army in 1942. His victories came to an end when President Byrd ordered him to send his tanks through downtown Chicago, which led to American forces destroying them with grenades and other explosives in close quarters. The defeat at the battle saw to the end of his glory and drove him back into the Confederate States.

Patton was driven back by Omar Bradley's First Army through Tennessee into Georgia. Patton set up his final defenses in Atlanta in 1944 to fight off Bradley's men, in hopes of it being a comeback from Chicago. Before battle, Patton gave his men a powerful and motivating speech about "kicking some Yankee ass" and driving them back home, which is regarded as one of the most famous military speeches ever given. The Battle of Atlanta went on from August to October, and ultimately led to a Confederate defeat. Patton was killed in the fighting, as one soldier recalled he saw Patton wielding a rifle and attempting to fight off American soldiers.

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