George Smith Patton
George Patton
President of the United States
Term of Office: January 20, 1949 - January 20 1953
Predecessor: Franklyn D Roosevelt (as President)
Date of birth: 11 November, 1885
Place of birth: US flag with 64 stars by Hellerick San Gabriel, California
Date of death: 8 May 1991
Place of death: US flag with 64 stars by Hellerick New York City.

George Patton

World War 2


George Patton ran as a Republican in 1948 winning by a landslide. Between Election night and the inauguration, he met with Russian prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev, who helped him formulate the plan for rebuilding the world from the devastation. The optimism surrounding his presidency was shattered after recordings revealing some embarrassing gaffes about a war with Russia were revealed. Overnight, his approval ratings plummeted for that jibe. Everybody knew that Patton would not be able to win a second term. The only redeeming features in his presidency were the desegregation of the south, and the rebuilding of a ruined america as well as the reconstruction of Canada to be admitted into the USA. When the 1952 elections came about, Patton was Soundly defeated at Iowa and everyone knew that it was the end for Patton. He swiftly announced he was withdrawing from the elections.