George Henri Moreau (December 8, 1799 - October 5, 1870) was a French nobleman and military leader known for being the general assigned to lead the I Corps of the Imperial Army in the War of Napoleonic Succession, pitting him directly against the forces of Paul Seychard in central Germany. Prior to the war, he had been a career military officer held in high esteem for his performances in putting down Eastern European rebellions as well as combat in the 1830's in North Africa.

Moreau was regarded by his peers as an exceptional organizer albeit a cautious executor of war, and many critics in Paris during the war found Moreau to be an inferior tactical mind compared to his opponent. While victorious at Mannheim, Moreau's objective of protecting the Rhine was foiled over time and he was forced to withdraw to Metropolitan France in June of 1845. Moreau's Sixth Cavalry was withdrawn from his army to fight at Waterloo, thus preventing Moreau from having full strength at Dugny, the final battle of the war.

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