George Marshall
George Marshall (Victory at Gettysburg)
Place of birth December 31, 1880
Richmond, Virginia, C.S.
Place of death August 15, 1944 (aged 63)
Fredericksburg, Virginia, C.S.
Allegiance Flag of the Confederate States (fascist period) (Victory at Gettysburg) Confederate States of America
Service/branch Confederate States Army
Years of service 1902–1944
Rank Confederate States of America General of the Army Rank (Victory at Gettysburg) General of the Army
Battles/wars World War I
World War II

George Marshall was a high-ranking Confederate general during World War II. He earned the respect of both his troops and his enemies. Marshall was also known for his later opposition of Harry Byrd's policies and allegedly aided the May 10 plot. Byrd ordered the Restoration Guards to kill Marshall while he was traveling to Richmond. Marshall was found dead on August 15, 1944. The Confederate government covered up the assassination, claiming it was led by black communists fighting against the Confederacy.

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