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George Abraham Marks (3 September, 1798 - 8 June 1870) was an Anglo-Cuban landowner and politician, best known for serving as the second Governor of the State of Cuba for eighteen consecutive years, from his appointment by the state legislature in 1829 until his retirement in 1847. Known as "Don Jorge" by the Spanish hacienda owners on Cuba, Marks was notable for bridging the divide between the Spanish nativists, in particular the politically powerful and wealthy class of dons, and white plantation owners and urban dwellers. Marks is often attributed as being the reason why the nativists did not stage a more substantial revolt than those they attempted and as a factor in the US being able to retain Cuba and prevent an attempted revolution or secession.

George Marks is also recognized as the patriarch and progenitor of the Marks political and business dynasty, which has been enormously influential on the development of both Cuba and Florida. His son Elijah served as Governor of Cuba from 1871-1877, his grandson Daniel served as Governor of Cuba from 1893-1905, and his most celebrated offspring was his son Josiah, who served as Governor of Florida in the 1860's and as President of the United States from 1873-1881.

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