George William Jameson (February 4, 1831 - July 7, 1910) was an American soldier and military leader famous for his command of the Army of Oregon during the Alaskan War, taking over for the deceased James T. Nansett after the Battle of Burrard in late 1884 and managing to drive the Alaskan armies under Boris Anasenko out of American territory in the Pacific Northwest, a feat imagined impossible in the aftermath of the devastation at Burrard. Jameson is often regarded as one of America's greatest generals, although he lived a comfortably and notably private life following his military service, unlike many of his more politically-minded contemporaries.

In the Pacific Northwest, in particular Washington, Jameson is regarded as a hero and is in fact the only person to be made an official "State Hero" in any of the 50 American states. For this reason, his name graces numerous streets, buildings, schools and highways, and the town of Jameson is named in his honor.

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