George III/I
Timeline: Napoleon's Australian Victory

King George III
Portrait of George III/I

King of Great Britain and Ireland
25th October 1760 – 15th May 1813

Predecessor George II
Successor none: Kingdom Abolished

King of Saint Helena
15th May 1813 – 29th January 1820

Predecessor none
Successor William

King of Van Diemen's Land
1814 – 29th July 1820

Predecessor none
Successor William
Born 4th June 1738
Norfolk House, St. James Square, London
Died 29th January 1820
Longwood House, Saint Helena
Queen Consort Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Streilitz
Religion Church of England

George III/I, King of Great Britain and Ireland, King of Saint Helena and the Islands of the Atlantic, King of Van Diemen's Land, was the last king of Great Britain, the first king of Saint Helena and the first king of Van Diemen's Land . His reign saw the gradual demise of the British Empire. First, the Independence of the American colonies, then the independence of New South Wales , the annexation of Canada by the USA, and finally the French invasion and destruction of Britain itself. However, in his reign, he established the Kingdom of Saint Helena. He built strong foundations for the new kingdom to grow and develop into the thriving, vibrant nation it is today.