George I (Georgiy Mikhailovich) (born 6 August (O. S. 24 July) 1910 in Moscow, Russia, died (in an accident) 21 July 1931 in Sens, France) was Emperor of Russia and King of Poland. He was the only son of Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich (a younger brother of Emperor Nicholas II) and his wife, Grand Duchess Natalia, née Natalia Sergeyevna Wulfert. However, his parents were not married when he was born, but they married later, thus legalizing him and putting him in line of succession to the Russian Throne.

He became Emperor of Russia and King of Poland upon the death of his uncle, Nicholas II, on 17 July 1918. Emperor George never married and had no issue. He was the last surviving agnatic descendant of Emperor Alexander III. He was succeeded as Emperor and King by his first cousin once removed, Cyril I.

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