This article is supposed to be about what would have happened if George Harrison did not get cancer, and therefore did not die on November 29, 2001. Please add to this page and help it grow.

Illness and treatment

In 1997, Harrison had been diagnosed with throat cancer. He was treated with radiotherapy, and accused years of smoking for the illness. On August 27th, 1999, Harrison publicly announced that he was cancer free, and continued working on his twelfth studio album Brainwashed.

On December 30th, 1999, a man by the name of Michael Abraham broke into their home, Friar Park. Abraham took a swing at Harrison with a kitchen knife, but Harrison managed to knock Abraham back against a wall, dropping his knife. Olivia Harrison quickly retaliated, incapacitating the attacker with a lamp.

Career: 2001-Present

After his near-death experience with cancer, Harrison claimed he felt "like a new person." He enthusiastically resumed work on Brainwashed, releasing it far sooner than expected, on February 12th, 2001.

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