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George H. W. Bush (The Found Order)

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George H. W. Bush
George H. W. Bush official portrait
43rd President of the United States
In office:

January 20, 1989 - January 20, 1993

Preceded by: Ted Kennedy
Succeded by: Mario Cuomo
Vice President of the United States
In office:

January 20, 1977 - January 20, 1981

Preceded by: Nelson Rockefeller
Succeded by: Gary Hart
Director of the CIA
In office:

1976 - 1977

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown

June 12 1924, Milton, Massachusetts

Died -
Nationality: American
Political party: Republican

Barbara Pierce

Children: George, Pauline, Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Dorothy
Alma mater:

Yale University

Occupation: Politician
Religion: Episcopal

George H. W. Bush was an american politician who served as the 42nd President of the United States (1989 - 1993)

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