George Herbert Walker Bush was the 43rd Vice President of the United States, and the first since John C. Calhoun to serve under two different Presidents. Bush was elected on the Republican ticket with President Ronald Reagan in 1980. In 1984, Elvis Presley was elected President, but had no running mate. The 270 electors who cast their vote for Presley in the Electoral College were given a free vote to choose a Vice President, and by a large margin, the Electoral College chose Bush. Bush remained as Vice President to the Independent Presley.

There was tension between Presley and Bush, despite the President's attempts to create a good working relationship. In 1987, Vice President Bush was highly critical of Presley's healthcare plan, and on May 17, the President asked for Bush's resignation. Initially Bush refused, but on May 20, he capitulated and resigned as Vice President. He was replaced by a Presley supporter, Ross Perot, who, ironically, also opposed the healthcare package. In 1988, Bush sought the Republican nomination for President and won it handily, though he lost by a large margin to Presley in November.

Bush's son, George W. Bush, is the incumbent President of the United States.

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