George Bush Jr. (1946 AD to )

George Bush Jr. was the son of the successful Texan politician George Bush Sr.. He, however, unlike his father rapidly became extremist and fell under the influence of a strange cult in his early teenage years. He apparently got over it however and by 2005 was serving as Regent for the Kingdom of New England. Rather than try to negotiate with the Vermont rebels, he launched a full scale invasion of the state, sparking the Vermont/New York/Canada-New England war. Despite early successes, by March 2007, Boston was captured by Vermont and New England forces were in disarray. His current whereabouts are unknown, as is that of Queen Catherine I (aged fifteen). There are fears that Bush may have murdered her in pursuit of absolute power in New England.


George Bush's motives are one of the greatest in North American politics as of now. The reason he apparently let Allied troops take Boston unopposed has been highly questioned and his reasons for wanting absolute power in New England are still unanswered.

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