George W. Bush

George Bush, President of Texas, to the right, with his father, former US President George Bush and his (Texas President Bush's) wife Laura.

George (George Walker) Bush is a former President of Texas.

He was born on 6 July 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America, but was raised in the Republic of Texas. He is a son of former US President George Bush and his wife Barbara, née Pierce, and thus the brother of the former Prime Minister of Florida, Jeb Bush. He was involved in the oil business and in baseball, before joining the Patriot Party of Texas. He was elected president of Texas and took office on 17 January 1995, succeeding Ann Richards. His policies as president were very business friendly, and he also used his father as an unofficial advisor of his administration, which was criticized, since his father was an American citizen and had never became a naturalized Texan (which the President of Texas of course had became). However, his policies towards immigration from neighboring Mexico was relatively liberal, which also was criticized. Some thought that President Bush's main concern was to fix cheap Mexican labor for Texas employers.

George Bush left office as President of Texas on 21 December 2000, succeeded by Rick Perry. He is now an oil industry tycoon.

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