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George Bush (Dewey Defeats Truman)

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George Bush
58th United States Secretary of State
In office:
February 3, 1981 - January 2, 1993
President: Henry Jackson
Lowell Weicker
Preceded by: Cyrus Vance
Succeeded by: Colin Powell
17th United States Ambassador to the United Nations
In office:
February 8, 1973 - February 19, 1977
President: Edmund Muskie
Preceded by: Cyrus Vance
Succeeded by: John Kennedy
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
In office:
March 1, 1969 - February 8, 1973
President: Nelson Rockefeller
Preceded by: William Colby
Succeeded by: Stansfield Turner
Born: June 12, 1924

Milton, Massachusetts

Birth name: George Herbert Walker Bush
Political party: Republican
Spouse(s): Barbara Bush
Alma mater: Yale University
Religion: Episcopalian

George Herbert Walker Bush (born June 12, 1924) is an American diplomat and civil servant, best known his decades long career serving under numerous posts for presidents of both parties.

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