George B. McClellan

480px-George B McClellan - retouched
Portrait of George B. McClellan

17th President of the United States
March 4, 1865 - March 4, 1869

Predecessor Abraham Lincoln
Successor Horatio Seymour
Vice President George H. Pendleton
Born December 3, 1826

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died October 29, 1885
Orange, New Jersey
Political Party Democratic

George Brinton McClellan (December 3, 1826 – October 29, 1885) 17th President of the United States of America was a major general during the War for Southern Independence. He organized the famous Army of the Potomac and served briefly (November 1861 to March 1862) as the general-in-chief of the Union Army. Early in the war, McClellan played an important role in raising a well-trained and organized army for the Union. Although McClellan was meticulous in his planning and preparations, these characteristics may have hampered his ability to challenge aggressive opponents in a fast-moving battlefield environment. He chronically overestimated the strength of enemy units and was reluctant to apply principles of mass, frequently leaving large portions of his army unengaged at decisive points.