Major blocs and alliances

The world in 2010 can be divided into competing and often overlapping power blocs. The main ones are generally recognized as:

  • ASP, Founded by Albania, Greece, Spain, and Yugoslavia, the Anti-Soviet pact was founded to counteract the increase in Soviet power. Founded in 1950 it is the smallest of power blocks in size but in terms of military equipment it is one of the largest and is still a force in international politics.
  • Irish-North American Alliance, Founded by the United States and Ireland, the two nations form an economic alliance that allows free trade from America to Ireland. Portugal has observer status and the Isle of Mann represents itself. The organization has since helped double the Irish and, to a certain extent the Portuguese economy since they are the only countries with access to the American market.
  • Pacific Ocean Treaty Organization (POTO), Founded by the United States and China in 1950, after the defeat of communism by Nationalist and US forces in 1949. At the "back door" of the USSR, this organization has kept the expansion of communism at bay in Asia and the western hemisphere in general. Most nations touching the Pacific Ocean are members, making this the most powerful military and economic bloc in the world.

It's founding members were:

Over the years, practically all nations with shores on the Pacific have joined this powerful block. The one notable exception is Indonesia, with its population putting it within the top five nations of the world. Indonesia's predominantly Muslim population has continued to be a problem among its neighbors. Its religion, however, has made it an ally in the fight against communism. Though there is sectarian violence within the far-flung islands of this nation, POTO has remained uncommitted to help in such flare-ups.

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