Geopolitics in this timeline is far less complex than OTL due the smaller number of the world's nations. Yet the relationship between one nation and the others is far more important important when dealing with global issues, because the big advantage of this is less conflicts and disputes in the global world. In the present day, geopolitics focuses on cooperation for world peace. The International League emerged in the modern period as the most powerful and most important organization in the world which helps solve important issues, calm disputes, and help people in humanitarian crises. Despite its goal for world peace, it has also had an influence on the third world, much to the chagrin of some of the people there.

Four of the world's most powerful nations are America, France, and Russia. Of all the nations, France is the undisputed world master, followed by America and Russia. Their population, army, resources, and technology have made them last longer than the power of other nations combined. These nations have possessed nuclear weapons, advanced weaponry, computer and space technologies. Yet because of its massive territory and manpower, a group of nations have bonded together to keep French expansion at check.

Certain important political values do exist in this timeline. Although some ethnicities do have a place in determining a country's sovereignty, the main dominant group often distinguishes them by the country they live in. For example, European ethnicities are not determined by who they are, but by whether they identify as French (obviously since France controls all of Europe). Although nationalism is more important than in OTL, some countries tolerate opening their borders to foreigners, so unsurprisingly, immigration is common, but not that high. The definition of the word "humanity" has also change. Instead of meaning the feelings of uniting the human race by achieving similar goals to one another, it means the feeling of uniting them under one single law. It is more important than OTL to understand the world due to the different principles in different countries.


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