The world of the South African Union timeline has diverged majorly from our own on the world stage. This page explains the major power blocs of the timeline. These two power blocs where established after the Great War, a war involving most European states and their territories around the globe.
SAU World

Central Powers

The Central Powers is a group of Imperialist states, based in Europe, and their international territories. These nations have minor socialist elements, which sometimes contrasts with their Imperialist governments.

British-Prussian Empire and Territories

  • United Kingdom of Britain and Prussia
  • Canada
  • Suriname
  • British Caribbean
  • India
  • Burma
  • Australia

Kingdom of Italy and Territories

  • Kingdom of Italy

Austria-Hungarian Empire

Ottoman Empire

Russian Empire

Republic of Argentina

Allied Powers

The allied powers is really two groups, the Entente Powers and the Western Bloc. The two are bound to each other in opposition of the Central Powers and business interests, which constitutes them one single alliance.

Quadruple Entente

Composed primarily of European imperialist states and their territories, united by their common side in the Great War.

French Empire and Territories

  • Republic of France
  • French Guayanne

Kingdom of Spain

United Kingdom of Portugal

Kingdom of Morocco

Congo (Kingdom of Belgium-in-exile)

Allied Powers

A group of primarily capitalist and democratic states. These states where mostly neutral in the Great War, although they supplied economic aid to the Entente. Now economic and political ties have bound them even closer to the Entente.

United States of America and Territories

  • United States of America
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Manchuria
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Cuba
  • Hispaniola
  • Panama
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • El Savador

Empire of Brazil

Union of South African States

Republic of Mexico


These states are not part of either major power bloc and have managed to avoid becoming colonies.These states have no links to each other, but fiercely resist falling under Imperialist influence. These states have also been denied the opportunity to join the Western Bloc.







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