The current state of the world:

Geopolitical Goals

These goals are the far most important goals of each of the powers.


1. Domination of the Arctic regions of Earth

2. Make sure no threatening power rises to dominate the temperate regions of the Earth.

3. Domination of Interplanetary Trade


1. Domination of Space Mining.

2. Continual Japanese Power over Mars.

3. Make sure no threatening power rises in Asia or the Pacific.

New Westphalia

1. Continue to colonize as many planets and moons as possible.

2. Remove any threatening powers in Asia, by backing their enemies.

3. Absolute Domination of the South Pacific and Indian oceans.


1. Domination of the Xamayacan (OTL North American) Continent.

2. Stretch Louisiana's territory to the Pacific ocean, absorbing smaller states.

3. Become the world's number one supplier of Space-based solar energy.

Allies and Puppets of the Powers

The following is a list of the closest allies and puppets of the powers. Nations with the tag, sometimes generally have gone back and forth between two opposing powers over the last century.


Great Northern Federation


Ursalia (sometimes)

Rhine Republic

Greater Buryatia (sometimes)





Greater Buryatia (sometimes)

New Westphalia



China Yingzhou



Ursalia (sometimes)

New Albion








Muscovy (sometimes)



North Sudan

Mughal Empire




Abyssinia South Sudan








Muscovy (sometimes)




Nouva Genova






South Mali

South Sudan

Balance Theory

It has been suggested that there is a certain balance between the powers.

Superpowers: Vs. Major Powers:

Louisiana _______Moab

Sweden _________Azania and Albion

Japan ___________New Westphalia

Turkey __________Mughal Empire

It has been suggested that the Superpowers on the left dominate the world, while the Major Powers on the Right are backed by other nations wishing to weaken the superpowers. This holds the world in a sort of balance. Alliances change quickly, but traditional enemies have stayed the same for the last 70 years. The Balance theory was first by Former-Azanian President, Robert Mugabe. Mr. Mugabe has written several racially charged books since he was driven into exile by a Swedish occupation.

The balance theory does not always ring true (as in when Albion and Turkey brief war) but more often than not, it does.

Current Alliances and Rivalries between the Powers

Sweden vs Albion

One of the oldest rivalries in history, this started from the constant raiding by Scandinavians on Albionic shores. After the French invasion, (and the wealth that it brought with it), raids increased dramatically. Only a major revolution in shipbuilding, as well as a reorganisation of the entire Albionic kingdom in 1472 was enough to stave off the raids. The rivalry has simmered since then, but has quieted down in recent years as Albion is primarily occupied with preventing further Turkish aggression in Muscovy and eastern Europe, while Sweden has been occupied with an on-and-off war with Azania, as well as space exploration. Sweden and Albion fought on the same side in the world war, but since then their relation has soured.

Sweden vs Azania

By 1572, Swedish explorers and fishermen (more often than not both at the same time) roam much of the Southern Ocean, hunting whales, cod, and shad. As, at the time, Antarctica was far too cold for any sort of human habitation, a permanent base was needed in the vicinity of the Southern Cape (Cape of Good Hope). The Swedish entrepreneur Hans Peiterssen, a major investor in southward-bound fishing and exploration trips (and, as a result, an extremely wealthy man), hired an Albionic mercenary company, The White and Brown Fighting Company (commonly called White and Black) to land, establish a base at OTL Durban, and to expand control over the locals, in order to gain a secondary source of income (namely, slaves). This settlement declared it's independence five years later as the Southern Republic (basically an oligarchy run by the Misters White and Brown, their closest associates, and a few wealthy whalers). Over the next half-century, the Republic expanded their control over almost the entire coast, conquering and enslaving the locals, and selling them off to Genoan and Venetian planters in America.

However, by 1670, a unified Bantu tribe and the lack of whales brought about the so-called Republic's demise, with most of the white population immigrating back to either Genoa or Louisiana.

The Bantu Federation existed peacefully until 1730, when a French prospector discovered vast caverns of diamonds in the north of the tribal holdings. A massive invasion by Sweden followed, and the nation was under their control until after the World War, when it was released as a vassal state (after a 40-year long insurgency, the Swedish public at large were dissatisfied with the occupation, especially after the diamond started to dry up). On-and-off occupations followed until present day (in fact, from 2004-2008, the entire nation was under occupation).

800px-Brink 1

Combat between Azanian nationalists and Swedish Infodd (sepoy) troops

Japan vs New Westphalia

Japan's conflict with New Westphalia comes out of New Westphalia's expansion into the south pacific islands. Japan had always traditionally avoided conflict with new powers, instead attempting to ally with them until it was able to destroy/assimilate them. However New Westphalia was expanding into what Japan considered its home territory and this was something that could not be ignored. Since then Japan and New Westphalia have clashed over all sorts of issues.

Recently the two have clashed over China again, Japan fought against the CCC and while New Westphalia refrained from actively fighting Japan it backed the CCC with materials along with troops sent to Burma to support them against Japan.

Turkey vs Mughal Empire

The Geopolitical conflict between Turkey and the Mughal Empire, is a conflict over who will rule the Muslim World. The Conflict started in the World War, when Turkey (an emerging power) was fighting against the Mughals (who were the leaders of the Muslim World). At the end of the war, the Mughal Empire was devastated. Turkey was relatively unopposed by any other Muslim power, until the Mid-20th Century. Then however, the Mughals expressed a keen interest in space and engaged in short wars with other powers over various moons. The was seen as a threat to Turkey. Turkey and the Mughals have since been at war with each three times in the last 50 years. In the years, 1972, 1989, and most recently in 2005.

Louisiana vs Moab

The conflicts that make up the Geopolitical wars and skirmishes between Louisiana and Moab, are dominance of the Xamayacan (North American) continent. Despite Louisiana's far superior army, Moab has a tremendous advantage. Territory on both the Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. This makes it impossible for Louisiana to blockade Moab, and it also makes it incredibly easy for Moab to blockade Louisiana. This, combined with the fact that Moaban Deserts are very hard on invaders, has made it nearly impossible for Louisiana to completely occupy Moab. For that, Louisiana would need at least some territory bordering the Pacific Ocean. Louisiana, has in the past tried to press through Moaban territory to the Pacific, but the Moabans are skilled in Guerrilla warfare. Occupying Yingzhou is not an option, as that would only anger New Westphalia. And so the conflicts between Louisiana and Moab seem never ending.

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