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  • RussianrepublicFlag of the United States Russia-United States relations:: Russia and the United States get along extremely well. Both of them are world powers, and often aid each other in dire times. When it comes to trade, the United States often relies on Russia's great resource wealth to get much of the items it needs. Despite their affinity for Russia, the United States also has good diplomatic relations with their blood rival, Japan. Because of this, whenever tensions heat up between the two states, the USA is usually the first to try to end them.
  • RussianrepublicFlag of Japan Russia-Japan relations: Relations between Russia and Japan have historically always been tense; back when they were both empires they had numerous clashes. Throughout history, they have gone to war numerous times including the Russo-Japanese War, World War II, and the Great Asian War. To put it simply, these two nations just don't get along.
  • RussianrepublicFlag of Mongolia Russia-Mongolia relations: Mongolia and Russia have got along from the very beginning, since Russia gave Mongolia their independence from China during the Russian Civil War. The two nations also have an extremely open border, allowing Russians and Mongolians to freely cross into each others' nations. Similarly to the USA, Russia and Mongolia often aid each other in wars as well as being major trade partners.
  • RussianrepublicTuva Russia-Tuva relations: Similarly to Mongolia, Russia helped Tuva gain independence from China during the Russian Civil War. The two nations do get along quite well, but don't rely on each other as much as Russia and Mongolia do.
  • RussianrepublicFlag of the Republic of China Russia-China relations: Russia and China both share a common dislike for Japan. Back when Japan was an empire, China was one of the nations they most liked picking on; annexing the island of Taiwan as well as a portion of northern China. They also aided each other in the Great Asian War...which they eventually ended up losing. China and Russia are major trade partners, similarly to Russia's relations to the USA.
  • RussianrepublicErrea Russia-Union of Baltic States relations: Russia and the Union of Baltic States don't get along too well. During WWII, Russia invaded Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in an attempt to get more territory; which resulted in the three forming one Baltic country. This created major strains between the two nations; and they still have tense relations to this day.
  • RussianrepublicFlag of Poland Russia-Poland relations: Russia and Poland get along quite well. Unlike in our timeline, Russia helped Poland resist against the Germans in the 1939 invasion; eventually this lead to Russia and Poland getting along quite well. They don't have as strong ties to each other as nations like Mongolia and the US do with Russia, but they still get along quite well.
  • RussianrepublicFlag of Ukraine Russia-Ukraine relations: Relations between Russia and Ukraine have historically been somewhat tense, as Ukraine did become communist as it was occupied by the Red Army up until the end of the civil war. The two countries do have a slight distaste for each other, but they don't get along as badly as Russia does with countries like Japan and the Union of Baltic States.
  • RussianrepublicFlag of Manchukuo Russia-Manchukuo relations: As a former Japanese puppet state, Russia and Manchukuo used to not like each other. They do get along nowadays, although Manchukuo does have a slight bias towards Japan as it was responsible for giving them independence. Russia and Manchukuo do have strong diplomatic ties though, although they have sometimes ended up going to war against each other due to Manchukuo's Japanese bias.
  • RussianrepublicFlag of Darfur Russia-Darfur relations: Russia was a key factor in Darfur's independence; aiding them in the Sudan War. Darfur is a rapidly developing nation due to trade with Russia, and Russia sees a potential great ally in Darfur, despite it very recently gaining independence from Sudan.
  • RussianrepublicFlag of India Russia-India relations: India and Russia get along quite well; they were allies ever since India became a nation. Russia aided India in their first war against Pakistan, and ever since they have been allies.
  • RussianrepublicJammu-Kashmir-flag Russia-Kashmir relations: When India didn't aid it militarily, Russia did. This gave Kashmir and Jammu independence, and they are quite good allies. Pakistan often invades Kashmir in an attempt to annex them, but Russia has always aided them. The two have made a pact to aid each other in foreign conflicts.


  • Flag of JapanFlag of the United States Japan-United States relations:: Japan and the United States get along quite well. After WWII ended, the USA was one of the first to aid Japan after the nukings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Despite their troubled past, these two nations are great allies. Whenever Russia and Japan get into heat, the United States is generally the first to try to stop it.
  • Flag of JapanFlag of Pakistan Japan-Pakistan relations:: Japan and Pakistan have been allies ever since Japan's aiding of them during the first Indo-Pakistan War. They often send military aid to each other when in conflicts, and were on the same side in the Great Asian War.
  • Flag of JapanFlag of Bangladesh Japan-Bangladesh relations:: Japan helped Pakistan during Bangladesh's war of independence, which has always made Japan and Bangladesh's relations, well, tense. Due to Japan's general aid of Pakistan in conflicts, Bangladesh generally doesn't like Japan that much.
  • Flag of JapanFlag of the Republic of China Japan-China relations:: Historically, Japan and China have always had tense relations; this remains in place to this day. They have had numerous minor scuffles over the years and were on opposing sides in the Great Asian War, leading to a terrible relationship. Their relationship is even worse than that of Japan and Russia.
  • Flag of JapanFlag of Manchukuo Japan-Manchukuo relations:: Manchukuo and Japan get along quite well; they have gotten over the days of Manchukuo being a puppet state and are good friends today.

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