Every nation has geopolitical goals. These are basically goals that every nation wants to/needs to maintain and/or achieve.

Example: OTL's America wants to ensure that another superpower does not arise. ATL's America wants to end the Cold War by significantly bringing down Russian mediocre animosity. However, this achieving this would mean a new Cold War would start with France, which the reason that all this is summed up into one goal: Bring down any competition or nations with the possibility to challenge America.

American Goals

  1. Ensure control over all of North America (achieved) and maintain this presence.
  2. Reduce competition.
  3. Control the world's economical flow and international trading system.
  4. Complete control of areas surrounding the United States.
  5. Maintaining control of the newly opened Northwest Passage.

Russian Goals

  1. Bring down America and France.
  2. Maintain powerful presence in Europe and Asia.
  3. Complete domination of the Caspian and Black Seas.
  4. Complete domination of the Baltic: Although the three Baltic nations continue to exist, they are virtually under Russian control.

French Goals

  1. Maintain control of the English Channel.
  2. Remain as Europe's major power by bringing down Russia.
  3. Ensure that England remains weak.
  4. Reduce the power and influence of the UK within Europe.

German Goals

  1. Remain as one: having been torn apart in the years after World War III, it is vital that Germany remains united.
  2. Prevent the rise of another dictator: With Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP taking control in the 30s and starting and losing the Third World War, it is vital to Germany that this does not happen again.
  3. Remain neutral in global conflicts: World War I heavily reduced the territory of Germany. World War II ended the Empire and the Third Reich. World War III ended in division of Germany and a near end to Germany. This makes it extremely important that Germany does not engage itself in a World War--possibly the Fourth and last.

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