This is a TL for Decades of Darkness, which has PODs in the 1960s. 



  • Musa Mwariama of British Kenya regathers troops and launches a giant attack on British Mombasa, taking control of the city. Tasked with difficult choices, Britain decides to grant Kenya independence. Mwariama begins fascist rule of the country, including multiple anti-white laws.
  • A major insurrection occurs in Algeria against the French. Learning from the British in Kenya, the French decide to fully intervene, sending thousands of troops and killing civilians, beginning a small genocide of Algerians.
  • France tests its first Atomic bomb.
  • The US sends 3,500 troops to Vietnam.
  • Belgium grants Congo independence, sparking a civil war between Republicans, Regionalists, Communists, and Neo-Fascists.
  • In the US Presidential Election, Southern opponents to desegregation unite in a third party, the Conservative Party. The party nominates Harry F. Byrd for president and Strom Thurmond as his running mate. They are not included in the Presidential debates.
  • The US Presidential election sees no candidate win a majority due to the southern states being carried by the Conservative Party. Nixon and Kennedy decide to form a coalition, further alienating the south. Kennedy, who received more electoral votes, becomes President, and Nixon is given the position of Secretary of State and major influence in foreign affairs.

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