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General Congress
Генеральный съезд
XXX General Congress
Coat of Arms of Alaska (Russian America)
Type Bicameral
Houses Senate
State Duma
Chairman of the Senate Diana Feinstein (DMS)
Chairman of the State Duma Ivan Kantor (VZ)
Seats 415
(90 Senators)
(325 Deputies)
Senate of Alaska (Russian America)
Political Groups
  DMS (51)
  Evergreens (35)
State Duma of Alaska (Russian America)
State Duma
Political Groups
  Evergreens (185)
  DMS (117)

Voting System Appointment (Senate)
FPTP (State Duma)
Last Election July 28, 2015
Next Election July 31, 2018
Таврический дворец (с водонапорной башни)
General Congress Building
New Archangel, Sitka, Alaska

The General Congress of Alaska (Russian: Генеральный съезд Аляски, Generalny syezd Alyaski), often referred to simply as the Congress (съезд, syezd), is the federal legislature of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. The bicameral body is comprised of a Senate (upper house) and a State Duma (lower house). Excluding specific duties that each chamber possesses individually, both are constitutionally equal.

The first continental legislature was established in 1906 and was intended to act as an autonomous parliament within the Russian Empire (akin to the parliaments of Acadia and Borealia). Despite optimism for autonomy and democracy, the Tsar retained substantial power over this body (causing this period to be less productive than desired). Following the reunification of Alaska in 1929, a general congress was called to act as the new national legislature. This new legislature was modeled on the principles of the United States Congress.

The Constitution stipulates that each governorate is to receive equal representation within the Senate (which is currently five Senators Each), while seats within the State Duma are allocated to the governorates based on population (though each is entitled to at least one to start off with). Both chambers are headed by a Chairman (Председатель, Predsedatel), both of whom are elected by their peers within the General Congress. National elections are held every three years, with the whole of the State Duma and a third of the Senate being contested.

Since the 1960s, Alaska has operated under a de facto two-party system comprised of the (liberal conservative) Evergreens and the (social democratic) Movement for Peace and Freedom. A third political party, the (right-wing populist) Civil Alliance, currently have some representation within both houses.

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