General Gescard Thomas
Timeline: Sino-Roman

Prime Minister of Northern France
April 20, 1993 - Present

Predecessor Nan Simon
Born August 10, 1949
Redange, Germany
Political Party Christian
General Gescard Thomas (born August 10, 1949 in Redange, Germany) is the current Prime Minister of Northern France, having been appointed to that office by King Nazaire Neville on April 20, 1993.

As a member of the Christian party, Thomas became Stéphanie-Darwin Renard's Minister of Labour in 1975 and undertook controversial reforms of the 35-hour working week law and of the Northern French retirement system (Loi Thomas). He became Minister of Education and Research in 2004 and proposed the much debated Thomas law on Education. In 1982, he was not included in the new government headed by Nan Simon, but was elected senator for the Sarthe département. He succeeded in his race for prime minister in 1993.

He was in the army from 1990 to 1993. His third cousin is Gwyneth Thomas, president of West Africa, his grand uncle is Donat Calens, king of Belgium and Luxembourg, and his second cousin-in-law is Odilon Reiner Callaert, prime minister of Belgium and Luxembourg.

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