Flag of Gemini
Flag of Gemini

One World, One Race, One Nation (Basic Gemini)

Anthem "The Stars Rise as One!"
Capital Gemini IV
Largest city Avalon
Basic Gemini
  others None
Religion Cult of Sonra
Ethnic Group Gemini (100%)
Demonym Gemini
Government Federal Republic
  legislature Federation Senate
President Samo Lac
Population Five trillion 

The Gemini Federation is a galactic empire based on the capital world of Gemini IV. The Federation is ruled by the Gemini people, a near-human species with a far more advanced biology than the human race they resemble. The Gemini are xenophobic by nature, but the recent activity of their neighbors has forced their hand to see exactly what the happenings of the galaxy are of late. As one of the larger empires in the galaxy, the Gemini have had a long and disturbing history of war and hate. Their government, while freedom-loving and protective of civil rights in the media, is more akin to the government of the old nation once known as Nazi Germany in execution of its acts. The Federation is in political union with the much smaller Solarian Empire, both of whom make up the larger Honorable Union Gemini & Solaris.


Unification of Gemini

Personal Union with Solaris

Battle for Earth





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