Gelderland (Frisian: Gelderlân) is a First State in the eastern Frisian Federation. The State President of Gelderland is Jent Beetstra and its capital is Apeldoarn.

Gelderland is geographically divided into three regions: the Veluwe in the north, the Betuwe in the southwest and the Achterhoek (literally meaning the "back corner") or Graafschap (which originally means earldom or county) in the east.

Municipal Premiers

Name Municipality Since
Klaes Holwerda Ede 17th April 2009
Siemen Foppes Ermelo 3rd December 2011
Murat Çörüz Bronckhorst 24th August 2009
Klaes Bakker Buren 30th November 2011
Olbert Jelsma Duiven 11th February 2005

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