Geauga Lake (previously named Six Flags Ohio and Six Flags Worlds of Adventure) is an amusement park located in Bainbridge Township and Aurora, Ohio, United States, founded in 1887. It is a theme park combined with a water park and is owned and operated by Six Flags, Inc.

Current rides and attractions

Roller coasters

Coaster Opened Manufacturer Description
Double Loop 1977 Arrow Dynamics A simple 95 foot tall looping roller coaster with two loops.
Big Dipper 1925 A wooden roller coaster that is the oldest at park.
Mind Eraser

(OTL) Head Spin

1996 Vekoma A standard Boomerang roller coaster model.

(OTL) Raging Wolf Bobs

1988 Dinn Corporation A wooden roller coaster modeled after the "Riverview Park Bobs" in Chicago. Renamed to "Roar" and got new trains in 2007.
Superman: Ultimate Escape

(OTL) Steel Venom

2000 Intamin A twisted impulse roller coaster.
Wicked Villain 2015 Rocky Mountain Coasters A wood/steel hybrid coaster that replaced the original Villain roller coaster. Modeled after "Wicked Cyclone" at Six Flags New England.
Green Lantern: The Ride 2001 Vekoma A flying roller coaster that was known as "X-Flight" from 2000 to 2010. Renamed to "Green Lantern: The Ride" in 2011.

(OTL) Dominator

2000 Bolliger & Mabillard A floorless roller coaster that was known as "Batman: Knight Flight" from 2000 to 2006. Renamed to "Medusa" in 2007.
Thomas' Railway

(OTL) Beaver Land Mine Ride

2000 Zierer A train themed kiddie coaster that was known as "Roadrunner Express" from 2000 to 2006. Renamed to "Thomas' Railway" in 2007 to fit in with the then new Thomas Town  kids area.

(OTL) Thunderhawk

1998 Vekoma A Vekoma suspended looping coaster model (689m Standard). Was known as "Serial Thriller" from 1998 to 2006. Renamed to "Bizarro" in 2007.
Tony Hawk's Big Spin 2007 Gerstlauer A skateboarding themed steel spinning roller coaster.

Flat Rides

Ride Opened Manufacturer Description
Americana 1999 A Ferris Wheel
Cuyahoga Queen 2001 A ferry boat that goes around the lake
Disk 'O Halfpipe 2007 Zamperla A Mega Disk 'O ride that was originally named "Tony Hawk's Halfpipe". Renamed to "Disk 'O Halfpipe" in 2011.
Geauga Lake Railroad 2007 Chance Rides A train ride
Goliath 2007 Zamperla A Gaint Discovery ride that is made to look like if it were made of stone.
Justice League: Battle For Metropolis 2015 Sally Rides An indoor interactive dark ride.
Ohio SkyScreamer 2012 Funtime A 200 foot tall Star Flyer ride

Kiddie Rides

In 2007, Geauga Lake introduced "Thomas Town" as their new main kiddie area in addition to the "Looney Tunes Land" kiddie area.

Ride Opened Manufacturer Description
Mini Motocross 2012 Hampton Rides A circular kiddie ride featuring BMX style motorbikes which jump over humps as they circle. Relocated from Six Flags Darien Lake. Located in Thomas Town.
Daffy 's Diver 2000 Zamperla A "Crazy Bus" style ride themed to a submarine. Located in Looney Tunes Land.
Bugs' Balloon Race 2000 Zamperla A Samba Balloon ride. Located in Looney Tunes Land.
Percy's Mail Express 2007 A small train ride. Located in Thomas Town.
Marvin's Space Tours 2000 Zamperla A circular kiddie ride that is themed to rocket ships that children can control the elevation. Located in Looney Tunes Land.
Taz Twister 2000 Zamperla A miniature version of the teacups ride themed to tornadoes. Located in Looney Tunes Land.
Scooby-Doo's Ghost House 2004 A family playground area themed to a haunted house. Located in Thomas Town.

Six Flags Wildwater Kingdom

Six Flags Wildwater Kingdom is the name of Geauga Lake's water park. It opened in 2007 in the former Sea World of Ohio park. Wildwater Kingdom's admission is included with a season pass and Geauga Lake admission.

Ride Opened Description
Twisted Baja Brothers 2007 A set of dueling water slides.
Tidal Wave Pool 2007 A wave pool. It is the largest wave pool in the state of Ohio.
Jungle Splash 2007 A family water playground.
Tiny Tidal Wave 2007 A wave pool for children under 54 inches tall.
Water Phyton 2007 A set of four kiddie water slides.
Tantrum Rapids 2011 A set of two ProSlide Tantrum slides.
The Tornado 2007 A ProSlide Tornado slide.

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