This is a list of alternate placenames in the Vicuña of the East timeline, and their etymologies.

Southeast Asia

  • Ancor: Spanish city built on top of the ruins of the city of Angkor, Hispanicized version of Angkor
  • Camao: Spanish name for OTL Ca Mau, Hispanicized name from Vietnamese
  • Cautará: Spanish name for OTL Cham city of Kauthara, Hispanization of Cham name
  • Chinten: Spanish name for east coast of Cochin, derived from Middle Chinese name for Champa (占城)
  • Cochin: Spanish name for the Southern part of Indochina, from Malay kuchi, meaning Vietnam
  • Duruguantambo: Spanish name for Cham city of Indrapura, derived from Hispanization of Vietnamese name "Đồng Long Loan" which was attached to nearby Đà Nẵng by early Confucian scholars, and the added suffix -tambo meaning "city" derived from Vietnamese "thành phố"
  • Hanoy: Spanish name for OTL Hanoi, Hispanization of Vietnamese word Hanoi
  • Harcalay: Spanish name for the OTL historic city of Hariharalaya, contraction of full Khmer name
  • Faifo: Spanish name for OTL Hoi An, likely derived from the word "hải-phố" (海浦) meaning "sea town", while others have said that it is more likely simply a shortening of Hội An-phố (會安浦), "the town of Hội An", to "Hoi-pho" which became "Faifo"
  • Ny Danmark: OTL Nicobar Islands, meaning "New Denmark"
  • Panduragña: Spanish name for OTL Cham city of Panduranga, Hispanization of Cham name
  • Pasco: Spanish name for OTL Saigon, from pascua meaning "Easter," also believed to be derived from the Khmer name Prey Nokor
  • Patambo: Spanish name for OTL Battambang, Hispanization of Thai name Phra Tambon — note the suffix -tambo is sometimes used for city names in Indochina
  • Pongsoya: Spanish name for OTL Fengshan District of the Republic of China, derived from the local Makatao name for the area
  • Puxuantambo: Spanish name for OTL Phú Xuân, derived from Vietnamese name, with the added suffix -tambo meaning "city" derived from Vietnamese "thành phố"
  • Santissima Trinidad: Spanish capital of Formosa equivalent to OTL, meaning "most holy trinity"
  • San Vicente: Spanish name for city around OTL Preah Vihear, named for Saint Vincent Ferrer
  • Sesuvia: Spanish name for Laos, from Saensurin, name of ruler of Lan Xang Kingdom
  • Tancho: OTL Cham city of Vijaya, derived from Vietnamese name Tân Châu
  • Tonquín: Spanish name for north Vietnam, from Đông Kiñ, alternate name for Hanoy
  • Udón: Spanish name for OTL Oudong, Hispanicized name from Khmer


  • Kristiansborg: Danish name for OTL Jakarta, named for Christian IV of Denmark
  • Munk Strait: OTL Torres Strait, named for Dutch explorer Jens Munk
  • Ny Sjaelland: Danish name for Java, meaning "New Sjaelland"

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