Garza Agreement
Treaty on the Further Union of the North American League
Drafted June 1999
Signatories See below
Languages English

The Garza Agreement was a treaty between the member states of the North American League. It grew out of the talks conducted in early 1999. Its purpose was to further unite the member states and establish a formal economic and political union.


Article I

By this Treaty, the Signatories establish among themselves a closer North American League, hereinafter called ‘the League’.

This Treaty marks a new stage in the process of creating an ever closer union among the peoples of North America, in which decisions are taken as closely as possible to the citizen.

Article II

The North American Senate shall be established to provide the League with the necessary impetus for its development and shall define the general political guidelines thereof.

It shall consist of Senators, with one Senator from every city-state, two from every nation with less than one million citizens, and three from every nation with greater than one million citizens.

Article III

A common currency may voluntarily be adopted by member states, to be styled the 'North American Dollar' ($). A central bank for the NAD will be headquartered in Austin, Texas, which will regulate the monetary policy of all nations that adopt the NAD.

Article IV

An internal market will be established to guarantee the free movement of goods, capital, services, and people.

As well, all member states will have an open border with other members, allowing free flow of people between the member countries.

Article V

All citizens of member states shall be considered both citizens their home country and of the North American League.