Gary James Murray (July 18, 1904 - September 7, 1996) was an American Nationalist politician from Ohio who spent four decades in public service. A veteran of the Pacific War, Murray was an insurance broker in Columbus, a city Alderman, Mayor of Columbus, and later a two-term Senator from 1953-1964, when he resigned after being on the winning ticket with Richard Van Dyke in the 1964 Presidential election. Murray served as Vice President during Van Dyke's first term (1965-69), but declined to return for a second term due to disagreements with the President over policy and the preference of the National Party's conservative wing to appoint one of their own to the White House. He served out the remainder of his term and was replaced by Tom Heaps in 1969. After his resignation, he returned to Ohio, where he ran for and was elected Governor in 1970, serving consecutive two-year terms. In 1975 he permanently retired from public life and died of a brain aneurysm in September of 1996.

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