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Gary Kildall
Timeline: Kildall Accepts

OTL equivalent: Gary Kildall

Kildall gary2

Board of Directors, Executive Advisor, Microsoft
1997 – present

Born: May 19, 1942
Seattle, Washington
Spouse: Dorothy McEwen Kildall
Profession: Computer scientist

Gary Kildall is a member of the Board of Directors of Microsoft. He is a multi-millionaire, although he has a reputation as a horrible businessman thanks to a deal with IBM which saw his company's OS, CP-M, become the OS of the first PC, the IBM-PC. He made his fortune with his partnership with IBM. However, Microsoft, partnering with its competitors, was proving to be a better business in comparison to Digital Research, and Kildall, attempting to do what Microsoft did, broke his deal with IBM and attempted to have major manufacturers use CP-M. However, they did not accept, and with the advent of graphic programs, Digital Research fell further into ruin. In 1993, Microsoft bought Digital Research, making CP-M the command prompt of Windows 2.0. The power of computers grew so much that CP-M could be stored on a flash drive and work better than the one on the IBM-PC. The purchase of Digital Research by Microsoft ended the risk of a lawsuit from Kildall and rejuvenated Digital Research. However, in 1996, Windows 3.0 was being created. From their experiences in Windows 2.0, CP-M was no longer necessary. Kildall became part of the Board of Directors and envisioned the revolutionary mobile tablet Microsoft Surface. Today, he is a core part of Microsoft and many cannot imagine the fun and lively corporation without him.

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