The Garians are a group of people originating from Iberia in the 800s AD. They were forced to migrate to Armenia and Anatolia when the Muslims invaded, and from there they intermingled with Armenians. The Garians later conquered and populated Southern Europe, East Africa, and Brazil, among other places. They are the ethnic group responsible for the Iraklion Alliance.


The Garians before the 800s are not known, but they are assumed to be Romanic peoples. They had their own small kingdom during the Visigoth occupation of Iberia but when the Muslims conquered the area, they rebelled and were put down. Many Garians were enslaved, but a majority of them escaped to the coast where they migrated to Armenia. In Armenia, they were tolerated by local peoples, and founded a new kingdom there. That kingdom soon conquered lands that were lost by the Byzantines and soon had a large empire in the Eastern Mediterrannean. The empire's capital was at Iraklion in Crete. The empire was divided into seven smaller kingdoms, which were ruled by members of the Iraklion Dynasty and they were all bonded by alliance.

The Garians soon reconquered Spain in 1180 and later fought campaigns to conquer Italy, Hungary, East Africa, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, among others.


Today, there are an estimated 500 million Garians worldwide, with up to half of them living in a country that borders the Mediterranean Sea. Another 100 million or so live in the Western Hemisphere, with other large groups in Tanzania, Persia, Hainan, and other lands.


Unlike other ethnic groups, the Garians have a strong sense of unity. Most nations with a major population of Garians are in the Iraklion Alliiance. People in this group also are all usually members of the Church of Garia and use the Garvendi currency. Its people speak fluent Garian for when they travel to other Garian countries or receive visitors from them.

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