Gara-n is the religion of the |on. It is an exonym, for at the time it was considered, the |on did not have a word for it, as it was a natural part of their lives. The religion began consolidation in the "reign" of Mon III. 

Gara-n is mostly an animistic religion, consisting of rituals to please the many spirits/gods that reside in all things. Naturally, more attention is given to more powerful deities.


  • It is not beneficial in the long run to be a completely good person, or a completely bad person, as to achieve Nirvana, one has to have both, and let both sides flow between each other.
  • There is one God, N!ahasin. He has a wife, N!ahahahu. N!ahasin is the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition. N!ahahahu is also the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition. 
  • All religions are seen as adaptions of Gara-n for the local culture, based upon local tradition, and the actual words of God.
  • God is not perfect, nor immortal. However, he is the most powerful being in the universe, both N!ahasin, and N!ahahahu, as they were the first to be created, and nothing came before them.
  • Animals are powerful entities, as they came before humans.


Judgment of Mon Mon, the first ruler of |onte, was said to have been a judge between a beauty contest between the three goddesses. The contestants were Marakoha, !Nahahau and Memetehu. He is said to have chosen Marakoha.

Holy Books


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