People's Ganymedean Alliance
People's Ganymedean Alliance
Timeline: Battle for Earth: The Forge (Map Game)
Ganymede flag
Flag of Alliance
Capital Galilei
Largest city Adrianus
Other cities Valerius, Khaleon, Tautulus and Kyrion
Religion Secular
President Nicolaus Sforze
Prime Minister Simon Mayr
Currency Economy based on resources (Io, Europa and Mercury)
Lyra (Ganymede, space stations)
Barter (Oort Cloud and Eris).


Before game

During the 15th century the Colonization Race for Space happened between the Earth and Moon. Ganymede is known to harbor water ice in abundance, with enough water to spare. Thousands of colonists were not only be able to use this invaluable resource for the day-to-day affairs of life but to supply nearby colonies, hundreds of thousands of colonists preferred Ganymede than other world because the local magnetosphere and the water abundance, but many criminals, patriots and unemployed finish in the other Jovian Moons and the Asteroid Belt, working to supply the mineral necessities of Ganymede.

Ganymedean rulers didn't oppress or exploit the nearby worlds and always protected or supplied them with water. When the Core Worlds organized as one state, Ganymede and the Jovian colonies, now self sufficient, simply stayed independent alongside the Asteroid Belt Colonies, when the outer colonies formed the Union the Ganymedean influence block didn't respond the invitations to join because they see no need to be hostile with the Federation.

Soon the vulnerable space stations all over the System preferred to join the Ganymedean Alliance rather than join a warlike nation and put themselves on risk.


The Ganymedean Institute of Astrophysics (GIA) and the Sheridan Space Observatory (SSO) go crazy because the changes in the space, the missing stars and the lost contact with the Probe in Alpha Centauri are enough to focus each scientific mind of the Alliance in the weirdest phenomenon of the history. Many rare objects (alien ships) are observed by the SSO all around the System, but most of them disappear somehow. Seven ships full of Marines and Battle-drones were sent to track one small alien ship (codename A-boat) that apparently was damaged. The alien ship didn't answer to any kind of communication and we tried to board the ship with drones. The alien ship responded by opening fire and destroying two boarding boats. So we sent all of the Drone Ships to try to board the alien ship, but the drones were unable to break through the alien shield, and our ships were endangered by the constant fire. So we responded by destroying the ship using torpedoes. The remains were collected for further analysis


The Alliance has a parliamentary system, the Congress (Parliament) chooses the Prime Minister from the majority party/coalition, the Oort Conglomerate is the only exception, the entire population of the Conglomerate vote in the Congress without representatives, with a small percent (4.5%) of the votes in the Congress. The President is voted by the entire population of the Alliance.

International and Interspecies Diplomatic Relations

  • Humans: The Ganymedean Alliance, while not as strong as either of the other human nations (the Federation and the Union), is exceptionally advanced in Robotics, and which ever side gains it, will probably win a war. So the Alliance has been guarding peace and status quo for decades. The relations with both human powers have been inconsistent, sometimes cold and hostile, sometimes warm and friendly. Right now the Alliance is in peace with both nations, and without preferences for any of them. The illegal black market between people from the Federation and the Union has grown in the Alliance, the only place where groups from both nations can easily interact without their respective governments intervention, because the Alliance has fought strongly against any foreign official activity within its territory, preventing and combating espionage activities in its territory but allowing minor criminal activities such as trafficking between these enemy nations people.
  • First Contact: For now the Alliance believes the aliens are hostile.

Administrative Divisions

The Alliance is divided in 12 States, Provinces (autonomous regions within a state) and Prefectures (regions ruled directly by the central government), each State sends three representatives to the Congress (Members of the Congress, MC's), each province sends two MC's and each Prefecture only one MC:


  1. Replek (Ganymedian)
  2. Clau Tolemius (Ganymedian)
  3. Clau Ptos (Ganymedian)
  4. Mayrland (Ganymedian)
  5. Scribbleland (Ganymedian)
  6. Ione (Ionian)
  7. Cassini (Ionian)
  8. Wuxing (Callistonian)
  9. Reeniop (Europan)
  10. Regayov (Europan)
  11. Xena (Callistonian)
  12. Jovian Moons Conglomerate (the rest of the Jovian satellites)
  13. Regit (Cererian)
  14. Helade (Space stations)


  1. Atoffler (Ganymedian)
  2. Marich (Europan)
  3. Ohcyt (Callistonian)
  4. Twio (Ionian)


  1. Augura (Ganymedean)
  2. Hellanic (Space stations)
  3. Sanclement (Space stations)
  4. Cadia (Cererian)
  5. Volscani (Inner Asteroid Belt)
  6. Daimfus Families (Inner Asteroid Belt)
  7. Yellah et Satori (Europan)


Armed forces

The Alliance Armed Forces (AAS) is the name of all armed forces under the People's Ganymedean Alliance control. The AAS consists in the Space Marine Corps, the Ground Army and the Space Navy, because the low Alliance's population and even lower number of volunteers to the military, the Alliance has been concerned about the survival of his men in battle developing better armours and weapons, giving the Ganymedean forces a higher quality than other human armies. The Alliance also has develop several war machines and automatons to overcome the numbers problem. Both things give the AAS power of fire, resilience and

Ground Army



The Ground Army of the Ganymedan Alliance is maybe the less numerous but more powerful in the Solar System, with robotics applied to physical augmentations and lightweight exoskeletons most Ganymedean soldiers can do physical feats beyond the imagination of the other human nations common soldiers, the Alliance mix both, quality and quantity, with powerful cyborg soldiers and cheap singled-minded battle-drones.


The Blackwatch members are the best of the best, soldiers without any kind of augmentation or mechanical limbs, but harder than any soldiers in the Army. Faster, smarter, stronger, more accurate, and superior in any way to the normal soldiers. The Blackwatch is only to these decorated soldiers that want to protect the Alliance with not moral, ethic or selfish restrictions. The Blackwatch is equipped with a Night Armour, a gauss rifle (sometimes a Hellrifle) and any equipment needed.



The Genetanks are the best shock forces in the Ground Army, soldiers genetically improved to resist wounds that would kill any normal soldier, able to support beyond human resistance and fight without rest during days. The Genetanks are not as powerful as the Marines, but more numerous, the Genetanks are the perfect troop to resist a war of attrition with little supplies. The Genetanks are equipped with a Scipio Armour and a Lasrifle or a Dan-9mm rifle.


Ghosts were chosen and trained from infancy to augment their natural physical strength and endurance. Conscripts who successfully completed the Ghost Program's rigorous training and augmentations then served as commandos and assassins. Ghosts are trained in target shooting, close-quarters combat (martial arts and possibly other techniques) and vehicular expertise. Ghosts are also trained to move quickly and are desensitized to kill. Their reconnaissance role is aided by cybernetic enhancements to their eyes.

Ground Militia

Alliance Ground Militia (usually abbreviated to AGM) is a term referring to the primary military defence forces of an individual Alliance State. The AGM are under the control of the local government rather than direct Ganymedean' control; the raising, training, arming, leadership, etc., of such units is entirely in the hands of the state's Governor. According to Ganymedean law, all Alliance States must maintain a standing army in order to maintain the local government's (and thus Ganymedean) control over the world against any possible invasion or insurrection. The AGM, as essentially the local military of an Alliance State, have no standardization and can take any form.

Space Navy

The Space is the combined air force and interplanetary military arm of the Alliance, charged with handling patrolling of the traffic between the worlds of the Alliance, and the planet-side deployment of Ground Army forces. The navy is divided into the fleet proper, and the Space Marine Corps, the force tasked with protecting the ship, boarding actions, responsible for providing power projection from the space using the mobility of the Space Navy to deliver combined-arms task forces rapidly.


Space Marine Corps

Marines compose the bulk of most Ganymedean professional and human forces, marines equipped with powered armor suits (ABS, Aquila Battle Suit), rapid-fire gauss rifles and anything the Alliance can provide. The suit provides full life-support and nuclear, biological, chemical protection, allowing marines to deploy into environments that would otherwise be inimical to human life. Most Marines are resocs (convicted criminals, war prisoners, people with mental or physical disabilities and volunteers) or former decorated soldiers from the Army.

The Marine Corps are frequently seen working with Goliath Bots and the Blackwatch.

Tactical Marines

The bulk of the Space Marine Corps, equipped with Gauss weapons and Aquila Battle Suits.

Devastator Marines

The kind of troops used in "shoot everybody, burn everything" missions, heavy guns, explosives, artillery and Goliath Devastators. The Devastator Corps are mainly resocs, armed with Bolters, Bolt Pistols and different explosives, equipped with a Heavy Aquila Power Suit and cyborg augmentations.





The Dan-9mm rifle includes a grenade launcher and a telescopic scope, it can be shoot in automatic, semiautomatic, burst and shotgun mode. It has a extremely high magazine capacity, which allows a soldier to carry hundreds of bullets. It performs very well in many terrains (even vacuum), making it a great gun. The Dan-9mm is manufactured mainly in Eris, used by Special Forces and Genetanks.


The Wonka-8mm is a Ganymedean 8mm gauss assault rifle, used by the AGA's (Allied Ground Army) Hunter Units its also mercenaries. The Wonka-8mm fires at supersonic speeds and makes a intimidating roar when it does so. It is capable of firing jacket-less slugs that can tear through a human body, uses steel tipped anti-personnel rounds, all fired through magnetic acceleration.


The Lasrifle (Laser rifle) is a directed-energy antipersonnel weapon used by the Allied Ground Militia, it operates emitting a beam of highly-energetic, focused, coherent photons causing the immediate surface area of a target to be vaporized in a small explosion. Though not as powerful as a gauss rifle, the lower cost of production, the lack of a requirement for ammunition production and resupply make the Lasrifle the best choice for large armies. It is powered by a rechargeable power pack located beneath the weapon and in front of the trigger guard which can be recharged in a number of ways, including sunlight.

Amour materials


Plasteel is a type of advanced synthetic material developed during the the Solar Race but long used by the Ganymedean Alliance in the construction of many types of personal infantry armour. Heavy-duty plasteel was combined with the heat-resistant ceramic material called ceramite to craft the plating of Space Marines.


Ceramite is a form of heat and shock-resistant ceramic material that is widely used throughout the Ganymedean Alliance. High-quality ceramite is used in the higher-quality types of Ganymedean armour, including Carapace Armour, Power Armour and Space Armour. Ceramite conducts almost no heat, making it especially heat-resistant and effective protection against energy-based weapons. Low-quality ceramite is used to mass-produce cheap Militia Armour for the Allied Ground Army.


Adamantium is perhaps the strongest substance known to the Alliance, and is invulnerable to attacks from many known weapons. It was the material used to construct the Ganymedean Alliance Great Parliament, and is often used in conjunction with plasteel and ceramite to produce items that require incredible tensile strength, such as in the structure of Space Armour. Adamantium is very rare, every year only 50 tonnes of it are manufactured.

Neural resocialization


Extreme neural resocialization.

Neural resocialization is a process, devised by the Federation, used to treat criminals suffering from mental disorders or at least prevent them from committing crimes. The process usually involves sentencing the criminals into the military. People sometimes refer to neural resocialization simply as "resoc". The Space Marines, the Ferrus Army and the Battle Units are largely formed by resoc soldiers.

Neural resocialization was commonly used as early as 1550 by the Earth Nations (and was sometimes publicly disclosed but was still considered new, "unproved" technology. By 1786 it still wasn't common knowledge within the Federation's military and the Union resorted to torturing Federation soldiers to learn more about it. During this period, Federated resocs were little better than robots, marching blindly into enemy fire and taking chances that other soldiers wouldn't. The science has continuously advanced since then, having "new" forms by 1801. Union scientist Dr. Leyus Leskal further advanced the frontier of resocialization.

During the Cold War between the Union and the Federation, all Union marines were resocialized, and about a quarter of Federated ones. The Union's official stance is that its resocialization program is for taking criminals and "redeeming" them, giving them hope and a "new beginning".

There are multiple types of neural resocialization, but all share two things in common: they reshape the victim's memories (the memory layering is "programmed"; the scientists suppress certain memories, such as emotionally charged violent criminal memories, covering them with military memories and doctrine), and they enforce obedience. Neurally resocialized soldiers can shift loyalties if their commanders do so as well.

Victims of some forms of resocialization are incapable of even pointing their weapon at another marine. People may gain technical and combat skills during resocialization by receiving experience through altered or new memories. New personnel may be trained quickly in this manner.



Leman Russ Tank

The siege tank is a terran vehicle that can be configured to fulfill both the armored support and the long-range artillery support roles. The dual-mode siege tank concept was a response to the Iron Fist War. Prior to the war, work had progressed on a static "final defense" cannon. However, the conflict demonstrated the need for mobility and as a result an effort was made to make the cannon more mobile. The solution was creative. An existing tank design was modified so that it could operate as a conventional tank in addition to being able to deploy the cannon and become a static artillery emplacement at will. Mobile siege tanks were in existence by 2480, several years before the official beginning of the Guild Wars. These tanks were able to be fueled by oil. Siege tanks function in two modes. First is the "tank" or "assault mode" in which the vehicle may be used in the familiar armored support role using relatively light weapons. The second is the more radical "siege mode" in which the vehicle becomes a static emplacement able to deploy a much more powerful and longer ranged weapon.


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