Ganga Buddhist Crisis (The Ashes of Rome Map Game)
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Buddhist revolt
The Ganga Dynasty (Blue) at the beginning of the revolt, with Guru Susarman (red) and Hirapal Yadava (dark red) holding lands in the north.

Date 704-713
Location Ganga Dynasty (India)
Result The conflict turned into an all out war for the Ganga Dynasty after the invasion from the Indian Empire, which forced the belligerents to take new positions, leading to the Second Great War of India.

Ganga Dynasty flagGanga Dynasty

Bengal budish rebelsBengali Buddhist rebels


Ganga Dynasty flag Raja Khadaga II Ganga
Ganga Dynasty flagChandrajara Ganga

Bengal budish rebelsGuru Susarman Visayapati
Bengal budish rebelsHirapal Yadava

The Ganga Buddhist Crisis is the name given to the conflict that followed the anti-Buddhist laws applied by the Raja Khadaga II and his uncles. Because of the local level of the war, it is often consider a civil war by historians.

The War ended up, however, being a massacre, since most of the Buddhists didn't followed Guru Susarman in 704. This resulted in Chandrajara assaulting innocent Buddhists and murdering villages to punish the few rebels. Chandrajara ended up taking back a good part of the Bengal region from the Buddhist within six years.

During that time, Hirapal Yadava was able to build up his defences and to hire mercenaries from Tibet to fight for him. But Chandrajara just continued focusing on the forces of Guru Susarman, leaving Hirapal alone.

This conflict was used as an excuse by the Indian Empire to broke their relations with the Ganga Dynasty and to mobilized troops on the frontier. This would lead to the Second Great War of India, which would surpass the local Ganga Buddhist Crisis in importance.